All students are encouraged to read this information and consider becoming involved in activities beyond the classroom.  Such involvement helps to develop leadership, responsibility, competence, self-confidence, and integrity - all qualities a well-rounded person needs to become a productive, confident member of society.


Eligibility requirements for activities and athletics are included in the Student Handbook, distributed to all students during the first week of school.  In addition, some of these organizations have specific requirements for membership and retention of membership.  This additional information will be provided by the sponsors for each organization upon request.




Throughout the year students in the gifted program (ACE) participate in numerous academic competitions, which range in difficulty levels and academic areas.   Most competitions are team oriented (Mock Trial, CalcuSolve, D.U.A.C., and Geography Bowl) while others focus on individual abilities (Public Speaking, Creative Writing).   Some of the competitions are of the “walk-in” type, but many require a considerable amount of after school preparation.  Any ACE student in grades 9 through 12 may participate in one or more of these events; however, for most events the number of team members is limited.  Interested students may see Mr. Aufman in Room A211.




The West Mifflin Area High School offers a wide variety of sports on the varsity, junior varsity and ninth grade level. Following is a list of these athletic opportunities.  See our Athletic Director Mr. Scott Stephenson for information.


Indoor Track
Boys Basketball

Boys Cross Country
Boys Diving
Boys Soccer
Boys Swimming
Boys Tennis
Boys Track & Field
Girls Basketball

Girls Cross Country
Girls Diving
Girls Soccer
Girls Swimming
Girls Tennis
Girls Track & Field
Girls Volleyball




Students in grades 9 – 12 who are interested in Art are invited to join the Art Club.  Our members have decorated at the Assisted Living Homes for the enjoyment of the residents for the holidays (with our hand-made decorations, of course!).  Some of our members have lent their talents to helping paint sets for the school musical.  We like to visit any of the wonderful local museums here in Pittsburgh.  Interested students may see Mrs. Rowe in Room B123 with questions or for more information.  




Although band is part of the school curricular offerings, this organization also engages in many extracurricular activities such as marching band, jazz band, pep band at basketball games,  football games, festivals, as well as parades.  The Silks, Starlettes, and Band Front are also an intricate part of these groups. Students interested in joining the band may see Mr. Kesser in Room B115 and a guidance counselor for scheduling purposes.




Membership in the Science Club is open to all students in grades 9 through 12.  The primary purpose of the club is to explore local and regional science related venues, community service work with local charities, participate in local environmental competitions and provide opportunities for research projects.  Local trips include visits to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, overnight trips to the Carnegie Science Center and tours of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. There are about two or three meetings per month, usually after school so that students can use equipment not often used in the classroom because of time/condition restraints.  This club is sponsored by Mrs. O’Lare in Room A108.




Students in grades 9 through 12 who are interested in becoming cheerleaders should listen for announcements concerning tryouts.  These tryouts are held during the spring for all cheerleading squads.  Cheerleading requires after school and summer practices as well as attendance at athletic and other events.




The Chorus, which is part of the curriculum, is also active in a variety of other activities including school and community performances.  Interested students may see Mrs. Prutz in Room B113 and a guidance counselor for scheduling purposes.




Each class elects four officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These elections take place in the spring for all classes except the Freshman Class, which elects officers in November.  Class officers organize activities and programs for the class.  All members of the class, however, are encouraged to participate in these events.  Students interested in running for a class office or actively participating in organizing class events may contact the class sponsors.



The Drama Club was created for those students that enjoy acting and want to improve their acting skills.  This club was created to improve the acting techniques of students through the use of many different acting exercises.  For example, diction is a very important aspect of acting.  Repeating tongue twisters is a great way to improve an actor’s diction.  Another important aspect of acting is an actor’s ability to show emotion on stage.  To improve this skill, an actor can practice saying a word in a way that shows its true meaning.  An actor can also say one word in three different ways to show three different ways the word can be portrayed.  All of these exercises help an actor perfect acting techniques before they receive an assigned character to portray.  Another exercise that is helpful to a new actor is practicing eye contact.  Eye contact is very important for actors to perfect.  Actors also must learn how to work well with an ensemble as a whole.   To do this, the actors can count to a certain number together, without interrupting each other.  To do this, the actors must be well in-tune with each other.  The Drama Club is a great way to help those students in the musical with their parts, as well as those students who just enjoy acting.   Interested students should see Mrs. Prutz in B113. 




The goal of the Environmental Club is to encourage the growth of scientific techniques and research while developing an appreciation of the natural world.  As part of Allegheny College’s Creek Connections, we test the water quality of a local creek.  In addition, we visit other creeks, hunt for creek critters and take weekend fieldtrips.  We would also like to organize at least one Envirothon team to compete in the Allegheny County competition in April.  Interested students in grades 9 - 12 may see Ms. O’Lare in Room A108.




Students audition in September for the dramatic production performed every fall.  Students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to try out for the two or three act play, or they may work backstage or in other related areas.  The play is performed for the public in November.  Listen for announcements concerning auditions or see Mrs. Prutz in Room B113.




Future Teachers is an organization that provides student tutors to all four elementary schools, as well as the middle school and high school programs.  In addition, internship programs are offered to senior club members to go to a school within the district and work with a teacher as a student teacher for the entire school year, preparing them for college and a teaching degree.    




The German Club offers students opportunities to enhance their study of the German language and culture by offering a variety of experiences including field trips, movies, cultural activities and foreign travel.  Interested students may see Mrs. Nofzinger in Room A227.




The Interact Club is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people.  Made up of members age 14 – 18 or secondary school age, Interact gives people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects.   Interact clubs perform at least two projects a year, with one serving the community and other furthering international understanding.  Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.   




The International Thespian Society is an honorary society that a student is invited to join only after earning a certain number of “points” (set by the society).  These points indicate that the student is active in various aspects of the theater.  A student must remain active in order to maintain membership.  Interested students may see Mrs. Prutz in Room B113.




The Key Club is a high school organization, which is designed to serve both the school and the community.  Charitable fundraising, visitations to nursing homes, projects for non-profit organizations, and helping those in need provide the activities for the year.  Membership in the Key Club helps students develop initiative and leadership, provides experience in living and working together in the school and community, and prepares students for useful citizenship.  Students interested in joining the Key Club should listen for announcements of meetings.




Any student in grades 9 through 12 who is interested in volunteering to assist in the Library Information Center should see Mrs. King in The Library Information Center.  Students who volunteer will learn the skills needed to volunteer in a public/university library.  Students will also learn how to use and service the building's media equipment as needed.  Students can volunteer during their study halls, before school or after school.


The National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors who have a cumulative QPA of 3.5 or better and who have demonstrated good character as well as leadership and service to school and community.  These students will be inducted during the spring of their sophomore year.  After induction, members are required to maintain a 3.25 average each quarter and to continue to serve the school and community through volunteer programs.  For further information see Mrs. Shields in the Guidance Office.




Serving as a peer tutor is an excellent way for students to assist their peers — friends and classmates — who may need a little special attention in a particular academic area.  Students interested in tutoring and students requesting a peer tutor may see Mr. Ruffing in the Guidance Office.




West Mifflin Area High School’s Pep Club, is open to students in grades 9 - 12.  In addition to cheering at athletic events, the Pep Club decorates the athletes’ lockers, recognizes athletic and scholastic achievements on a special bulletin board, and sponsors other activities.  Listen for announcements of meetings and events.




Membership in the Physics Club is limited to those students in 11th and 12th grade who are currently enrolled in a physics class.  The main purpose of the physics club is to encourage student’s to delve deeper into the world of physics.  The club holds several competitions throughout the year, which are open to the entire student body.  The members of the physics club decide what the competition will be and all of the rules and regulations related to each competition.  The physics club usually meets once a month and plans at least one competition per grading period.  Interested students should see Miss Zywan in room A105.




This club is designed to provide a way for students to create and design various types of print media, publish various types of print media, and to understand the basics of a publishing business through job analysis, deadlines, flow process, advertising, and customer relations. Interested students should see Mr. Mizener in Room B120.




SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk/Students Against Destructive Decisions) is an organization of students promoting healthy living in a drug-free atmosphere.  SADD members design and support activities that encourage fellow students to avoid alcohol and other drugs as well as find other ways to socialize and enjoy their leisure time.  Interested students may contact Ms. Murphy in Room A200.




The school canteen is a high school store which provides for the students candy bars, potato chips, and various snack foods.  The store is open at the end of the day when students can purchase something before they leave the building.   Student volunteers staff the store and help the sponsor with its operation. 




The Ski Club provides an opportunity for students in grades 9 - 12 to ski or learn to ski throughout the winter.  Ski trips are held during non-school hours, usually at Seven Springs.  Students are responsible for all costs, including transportation by bus from and back to the high school.  Because each of these excursions is considered a student trip, students should check  the Student Handbook for specific requirements.  A minimum of 30 students is needed for each trip to be affordable to those participating. 



El Club Español (Spanish Club) provides students of Spanish with opportunities to use the Spanish language outside the classroom setting, to come in contact with the customs and lifestyles of the people of the Hispanic world, and to experience foreign travel. Through a variety of activities such as dinners at Mexican and Spanish restaurants, local cultural activities, students can enrich the study of Spanish.  Students of Spanish in grades 9 through 12 are eligible.  Interested students may contact Ms. Cibulka.  



Each spring West Mifflin Area High School presents a full-scale musical production.  Students may audition for roles in December, or they may volunteer to serve in other capacities.  Members of the band and chorus are also actively involved in this production, which takes place on three consecutive nights in March or April.  Listen for announcements pertaining to auditions or see Mrs. Prutz in the Chorus Room B113.




The Outdoors Club meets to bring attention to important issues relating to hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting. There are several goals of this organization.  One of the main goals is to promote and maintain high standards in conservation of our natural resources.  A second goal is to cooperate with State and Federal agencies and all sportsmen organizations to protect and achieve the needs of both wildlife and sportsmen. The final goal is to promote programs to educate the public about hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting for all future generations.  The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities to enjoy the outdoors through hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and rafting. The club attempts one major weekend trip per month (including winter!) as well as weekend day trips. The education component includes subjects such as topography, map and compass skills, wilderness ethics, survival techniques, safety training and wilderness first aid. Season's included in the activities are: Trout, Bass and Steelhead Fishing Seasons as well as Archery, Small game, Turkey, Bear and Regular Deer Hunting Seasons. Interested students should see Mr. Frisco.  




Members of the Stage Crew work with lighting, sound, staging, and backstage assistance for the various assemblies, programs, and plays held during the school day, in the evening, and on weekends.  Throughout the year we will learn various aspects of each category, which will prepare the students to successfully run all events scheduled in the auditorium.  The stage crew will also take part in set building and scenery design for the Musical.  Throughout the summer, the stage crew also participates in all schedule Dance Recitals.  This club consists of the students of the Theatre Technology class and is also open to any student in the high school.   Interested students should listen for announcements.




West Mifflin’s drill team, is made up of students in grades 9 through 12.  In addition to individual squad practices, the Starlettes also practice and perform with the marching band during the summer and throughout the year.  Membership on the squad is competitive and tryouts are held in the spring of each year.  See Mr. Kesser in room B115 for information.   




The Silk Squad is made up of students in grades 9 - 12.  The Silks practice and perform with the marching band during the summer and throughout the year.  Occasionally the silk squad performs in guard competitions during the winter months.  Membership on the squad is competitive and tryouts are held in the spring of each year.




Student Council is an elected body, which acts as the student government.  Students are chosen by a score achieved which is a combination of an application and the election.  Each grade level is entitled to at least ten representatives.  The elections are held every May with the exception of Freshmen, who hold their election during the first nine weeks of school. Students on the Council are responsible for many of the activities within the school.  They host Homecoming, sponsor assemblies, and represent the school at meetings with other districts.    This is a highly motivated, hard working group.  They accept the help of any student who wants to assist them in their projects.  They welcome all workers!!  Students interested in joining Student Council may contact Miss Zywan, in Room A105.




Many offices in the school often need student volunteers to perform non-confidential tasks.  The pool of volunteers is open to students in grades 9 through 12 who are associated with the Beavers.  In order to qualify for this pool, a student must be honest, dependable, responsible, and eager to learn.  He or she must have no serious or chronic academic, attendance, or discipline problems.  Interested students should contact the office that they would like to work in for consideration.