Classroom News

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Music Students

Below is a list of some items you may wish to know about Ms. Berad's Music class:

1.  Grading

Students will be expected to complete worksheets, homework, quizes and tests throughout the 6 weeks.  Each grade given follows the middle school grading system, with the average grade of all work at end of the six weeks appearing on the student's report card. 

Grade scale is as follows:    90-100%=A  80-89%=B  70-79%=C  60-69%=D  59% and below=F

2.  Music Folders & Pencils

All students who have general music will be provided with a folder to keep all papers handed out in class throughout the 6 weeks.  Students will be expected to bring this folder and a pencil with them to class every day. This folder will be graded at least once throughout the 6 weeks.

3.  6th, 7th and 8th Grade Syllabus

Click on the individual grade listing in Related Links BELOW to see each specific topic that will be covered in your grade level throughout the six weeks.