Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program provides an opportunity for students to earn college credits while still in high school by attending a local college or university.   

Following are procedures to follow for registration:

  1. Register for Dual Enrollment at WMAHS – this makes room in your schedule for you to leave the building.
  2. Choose courses at CCAC, Penn State or other local college:
  3. If taking Math, English or some Science, take placement exam at CCAC.  Call for an appointment (412) 469-6216; Penn State Greater Allegheny (412) 675-9070.
  4. Complete Dual Enrollment Application.  Include High School Counselor’s signature and transcript (letter for Penn State).
  5. Make appointment with advisor:
    CCAC          (412) 469-6238
    Penn State  (412) 675-9010
    Once the advisor has signed the application you can immediately register.
  6. Register and pay for the courses.  Tuition payment plans are available through CCAC.  Ask at registration.